The 13 must see statues in Thailand


Built in 2015 in the grounds of the Wat Tham Phu Wa, west of the capital, Bangkok, close to Kanchanaburi is a large seated Buddha statue. Protecting a cave shrine, it sits 12 metres (39 ft) tall.

13. Wat Tham Phu Wa Buddha


Slightly to the south west of the northern city of Chiang Mai is the site of the collapsed and rebuilt 7th century Wat Phra That Doi Kham, meaning Golden Mountain Temple. Among the sites most notable structures is a white and gold seated Buddha, measuring 17 metres (56 ft) tall.

12. Wat Phra That Doi Kham Sitting Buddha


Within the central square of the northern city of Chiang Mai is the Wat Rajamontean, sometimes spelled Ratchamonthian, a complex of beautifully ornate and decorative temples. Sitting beside one of the main temples is a relatively small 7 metre (23 ft) tall seated Buddha. Though modern, it is beautifully painted and seated in wonderful surroundings.

11. Wat Rajamontean Buddha


Built in 2004 on the island of Phuket is a statue regarded to be one of the most important landmarks of the island, the Big Buddha. Covered in white jade marble, the glistening white statue sits 45 metres (148 ft) tall at the peak of the Nakkerd Hills, visible from miles around, its location also allows visitors unhindered panoramic views across best part of the island.  

10. Big Buddha


Built in 1979 in the north east of the country, within the grounds of the Wat Buraphaphram is the Phra Phutta Rattanamongkhon Mahamuni statue, better known as Luangpho Yai. Standing at a height of 59 metres (194 ft) it is the second tallest statue in Thailand, and the 25th tallest in the world.

9. Luangpho Yai


Believed to have been built around 700 years ago, today housed within the wonderfully ornate Wat Traimit, otherwise known as the Temple Of The Golden Buddha, within the countries capital city, Bangkok, is the simply named, Golden Buddha. During ancient times Buddha statues were cast in gold, then disguised from any would be invaders by covering them in plaster. Having been accidentally dropped during a move in the 1950's, the plaster broke to reveal a magnificent solid gold Sukhotai style Buddha. Standing nearly 5 metres (16.5 ft) high and weighing five and a half tons, it is the largest solid gold statue in the world.

8. Golden Buddha


North west of the capital, Bangkok,​ north of Kanchanaburi is the Buddha of Wat Thipsukhontharam, sometimes known as the Bronze Buddha. Towering above beautiful landscape gardens, the statue stands 32 metres (105 ft) high and holds the accolade of being Thailand's tallest bronze statue. 

7. Wat Thipsukhontharam Buddha


Completed at the beginning of the 21st century, to the south of the capital, Bangkok, on the road leading to Samut Prakan is the Erawan Museum, famed for the giant three headed elephant statue depicting the mythological white elephant that carries the Hindu God, Indra. Made of bronze, it weighs approximately 250 tons, stands 29 metres (95 ft) high on a 15 metre (49 ft) pedestal. The inside of the museum displays priceless collections of art and antiquities, the decor modeled on the Hindu representation of the universe, the ground floor depicting the underworld, the Earth on the first floor with heaven at the top, inside the belly of the elephant.

6. Erawan Museum


Completed in 2017 in the far north of the country, north of the city of Chiang Rai is the site of the Wat Huay Pla Kung, a very modern temple complex. Beside the nine storied Chinese style pagoda sits a brilliant white statue of Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. Located upon a hill and visible for miles around, the statue measures an enormous 50 metres (164 ft) high. From its vantage point it offers visitors fantastic views of the surrounding countryside,  with the best view reported to be from inside the statue, looking out through one of the eyes.

5. Guan Yin Statue


Dating from the time of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, north of the capital, Bangkok,​ within Ayutthaya Historical Park is the Phra Noon Reclining Buddha. Made using bricks and cement, weathered over the centuries and usually covered in a saffron coloured sheet, it measures 37 metres (121 ft) in length. The size of the ancient statue combined with its history and location have made it one of the most revered statues in Thailand.

4. Phra Noon Reclining Buddha


Built in 1832 AD, housed within Wat Pho in the countries capital, Bangkok, is one of the countries most famous statues, that of the Reclining Buddha. Representing the entry of Buddha into Nirvana and the end of all reincarnations, it measures 15 metres (49 ft) in height and a whopping 46 metres (150 ft) in length, making it one of the largest statues in Thailand.

3. Wat Pho Reclining Buddha


Dating from the 15th century, housed in the Wat Phra Kaew within the grounds of the Grand Palace in the capital city, Bangkok, is the Emerald Buddha, regarded to be the most protected Buddha image in the country. Standing a mere 66 centimetres high, carved from a single piece of jade stone, it is a priceless work of art. According to legend, the Emerald Buddha will bring prosperity and pre-eminence to whichever country it resides in, and as such is revered and venerated as the protector of Thailand. But for the king or the crown prince, no other person is allowed to touch the statue.

2. The Emerald Buddha


North of the capital city, Bangkok, completed in 2008 after 18 years of construction is the Great Buddha Of Thailand, sometimes known as the Big Buddha Of Thailand, among many other names. Standing a whopping 92 metres (300 ft) tall it is the tallest statue in Thailand, the second tallest in South East Asia after Myanmar's Laykyun Setkyar, and as of 2017 the eighth tallest statue in the world. Its sheer size alone makes it one of the most spectacular statues anywhere in the world.

1. The Great Buddha Of Thailand

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