The 7 must see statues in North Korea


In the far north east of the country, in Chongjin City, the third largest in the North Korea and capital of Hangyong Province is a bronze statue of Kim Il Sung. Overlooking Pohang Square, the statue depicts the first Supreme Leader of North Korea as a younger man, standing alone on a plinth, wearing his famous hat and buttoned long coat.

7. Kim Il Sung, Chongjin City


In the extreme south west of the country, close to the border with South Korea is the ancoent city of Kaesong​. The city centre surrounds the 103 metre (338 ft) Mount Janam, upon which is located the cities most famed landmark, the Kim Il Sung statue. Standing high upon a plinth at the top of a staircase it overlooks the city, jacket open, one hand behind his back.

6. Kim Il Sung, Kaesong


In the east of the country, within the second largest city of Hamhung, stand the statues of Kim Il Sung & Kim Jong Il, the first two Supreme Leader's of North Korea. Strikingly similar to the most famous statue pairing on Mansu Hill, Pyongyang, there are small differences in the hand positions and clothing, most notable the jacket worn by Kim Jong Il.

5. Kim Il Sung & Kim Jong Il, Hamhung


Built in 1959 in the capital, Pyongyang, is the Mansudae Art Studio, possibly the largest factory in the world, and the site where all North Korean statues are produced. Outside the building stands the Equestrian Statue, rather different from others in the country, it depicts the first two Supreme Leaders of North Korean, Kim Il Sung & Kim Jong Il on horseback.

4. Mansudae Art Studio Equestrian Statue


East of the capital, Pyongyang, in the port city of Wonsan is another large bronze statue pairing depicting the first two Supreme Leaders of North Korea, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Similar in appearance to both the statue in Hamhung and the famous Mansu Hill Grand Monument, there are once again small differences in the hand positions and clothing. In this depiction the most striking feature is that both men have their arms down.

3. Kim Il Sung & Kim Jong Il, Wonsan


Completed in 1979, built to commemorate Kim Il Sung's revolutionary activity during the struggle with Japan, is the Samjiyon Grand Monument. Located in the extreme north of the country, the statue stands on the edge of Samji Lake with Mount Paektu at its back, the most sacred location in North Korea. Depicting a young President Kim Il Sung, the  statue measures 19.7 metres (64.5 ft) high, making it the second largest statue of the Supreme Leader in North Korea.

2. Samjiyon Grand Monument


Originally opened in 1972 in the capital, Pyongyang, to commemorate Kim Il Sung's 60th birthday is the Mansu Hill Grand Monument, one of the most famous landmarks in North Korea. At first only the statue of Kim Il Sung stood at the site, but in 2011 following the death of Kim Jong Il, his statue was added next to the original. At the same time the statue of Kim Il Sung underwent alterations to portray him smiling and at a later age. Completed in 2012, the statues stand in front of the Korean Revolution Museum, displaying a mosaic mural depicting Mount Paektu, the most sacred location in North Korea. Standing at 22 metres (72 ft) high, these statues of the first two Supreme Leaders are the tallest statues in the country.

1. Mansu Hill Grand Monument

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