The 5 best places to visit in the Republic of the Congo


In the extreme south east of the country,​ close to the border with neighbouring Democratic Republic Of The Congo is the capital and largest city of the Republic Of Congo, Brazzaville, one of the largest and most modern cities in the region. Across the Congo River is Kinshasa, the capital and largest city in the Democratic Republic Of The Congo, making this the only location in the world where two capital cities are on opposite banks of the river. Founded by the French colonial empire, the cities most notable building is arguably St. Anne's Basilica, built in 1949 it is known for its green tiled roof.

Pictured is St. Anne's Basilica.

5. Brazzaville


In the extreme south west of the country, close to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean is the Diosso Gorge, a naturally eroded landscape that has come to be known as the Grand Canyon Of The Congo. Its great red cliff edges reaches up to 50 metres (165 ft) in places, making for an incredible sight among the thick greenery of the jungle.

4. Diosso Gorge


In the far south west of the country, close to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the border with neighbouring Gabon is the 5,049 square kilometre (1,949 square mile) Conkouati Douli National Park, an area characterized by dense forest mixed with wetlands, floodplains, savannahs and lagoons. Home to an array of wildlife, the park includes animals such as elephant, buffalo, leopard, chimpanzee, gorilla and humpback dolphins, with beaches that are among the most important in the world for nesting leatherback turtles.

3. Conkouati-Douli National Park


In the extreme north of the country, straddling the border with the Central African Republic is the 3,922 square kilometre (1,514 square mile) Noubale Ndoki National Park, a landscape of pristine tropical rainforest with some parts remaining inaccessible and unexplored. Thought to have the largest concentration of wildlife per square kilometre of any place in Africa, it is one of the countries prime safari locations. Visitors to the forest have a chance of spotting some incredible species, including African forest elephant, forest buffalo, leopard, crocodile, colobus monkey, chimpanzee and the endangered lowland gorilla.

2. Noubale-Ndoki National Park


In the western centre of the country, bordering Gabon is the vast 13,500 square kilometre (5,212 square mile) Odzala-Kokoua National Park, home to one of the continents most diverse primate populations. The terrain of the park ranges from old growth rainforest, dense jungle, glades and savannah, making it a natural habitat for over 100 mammal species. Visitors to the park have the chance to see a wealth of wildlife, with the highlight undoubtedly being chimpanzees and the western lowland gorilla.

1. Odzala-Kokoua National Park

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