The 10 best places to visit in Moldova


To the south of the capital is the village of Milestii Mici, the Guinness World Record Holders for the largest wine collection in the world. Underneath this small village is 250 kilometres of tunnels where over 2,000,000 (two million) bottles of wine are stored.

Pictured is the Cricova Winery.

10. Milestii Mici


Built in 1841 to commemorate the victory of the Russian Empire over the Ottoman Empire is the 13 metre (43 ft) Triumphal Arch of Chisinau. The arch along with the Nativity Cathedral mark the centre of the capital.

9. Triumphal Arch


Opened in 1818 a stones throw from the Triumphal Arch is Stephen The Great Central Park, the oldest and main park of the capital. A favourite get away from the busy city for locals and tourists alike the park has gained the nickname, 'The Park of Lovers'.

8. Stefan Cel Mare Central Park


Founded in 1429, the Capriana Monastery complex is one of the oldest monasteries in the country, comprising the monastery itself, the 15th century stone church and the striking 1903 Neo Byzantine Winter Church.

Pictured is the Winter Church.

7. Capriana Monastery


In the town of Bender to the west of the capital is the 16th century medieval Tighina Fortress, better known as Bender Fortress. The sight of many skirmishes throughout the centuries this old and large castle complex still remains in excellent condition to this day.

6. Bender Fortress


Built in 1678 to the west of the capital is the pretty Hancu Monastery. Set in surrounding gardens the old monastery is wonderfully offset by the large red Russian Byzantine church.

5. Hancu Monastery


In the east of the country near the border with Ukraine is the city of Tiraspol, the second largest city in Moldova but also the capital of the unrecognised and self proclaimed republic of Transnistria. A place of many Lenin statues and Soviet architecture, the people of this region believe themselves to be independent of Moldova even having their own currency.

4. Tiraspol


Founded in 1773 in the Orhei Forest north of the capital is the Curchi Monastery, at it's peak the richest, most beautiful and largest monastery complex in the country. Of all the structures on site the most celebrated is the 57 metre (187 ft) baroque styled Naşterea Domnului, built in 1872 it is said to have the highest dome in Moldova.

3. Curchi Monastery


North of Chisinau is Moldova's only protected area of land, Orhei National Park, home to many archaeological sites, many medieval structures, manors and monasteries as well as the wild Churchi Forest.

2. Orhei National Park


In the extreme north east of the country on the border with Ukraine is the medieval Soroca Fortress, established by the Moldovan Prince Stephen The Great in 1499. Today this well preserved castle with it's unusual roofed towers is the regions major tourist attraction.

1. Soroca Fortress

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