The 10 best places to visit in Malta


It really is Popeye's Village, Sweethaven. Built in 1980 for the Hollywood Movie, Popeye, starring Robin Williams, it has since been open to the public as a museum and entertainment complex.

10. Popeye Village


First built in 1649, Saint Agatha's Tower, also known as the Red Tower for it's distinctive colouring was heavily restored in the year 2000. Having been built in a completely different style to other bastion towers on the island, Saint Agatha's is the most stand out and the most well known.

9. Saint Agatha's Tower 


Originally built in the 13th century it was known as the Castle Maris, before being upgraded to a bastion fort and re-named the Fort St. Angelo around 1530 AD. Having been considerably damaged during World War II the fort has been heavily restored and remains a prominent landmark of the Grand Harbour.

8. Fort St. Angelo


The Upper Barrakka Gardens on the top tier of St. Peter & Paul Bastion are now a public park in the city of Valletta, offering panoramic views of the Grand Harbour, the three cities and the shipyard. From it's high vantage point you'll get one of the finest views anywhere on the island.

7. Upper Barrakka Gardens


On the tiny Manoel Island sits the huge Manoel Fort, looking straight out across the bay to the city of Valletta. Built in 1733 the structure was severely damaged during World War II and today has been fully restored to be one of Malta's biggest attractions. One of Europe's few remaining star forts, it is a grand location with a fine view of the countries capital.

6. Fort Manoel


Completed in 1860 and based on the Pantheon in Rome, the Parish Church of the Assumption is more commonly known as the Rotunda of Mosta, or the Mosta Dome. In the centre of the main island of Malta, at the time of it's completion it had the third largest unsupported dome on Earth, though it is down to great fortune the building exists today. During World War II a German bomb pierced the dome and hit the church floor during mass, but failed to explode.

5. Parish Church Of The Assumption


Founded in the 8th century BC, up until the middle ages the ancient city of Mdina was the capital of Malta. Still confined within the city walls, the city is now a major tourist attraction with many medieval and Baroque buildings, palaces, and arches dotted around the narrow medieval streets. With only a handful of specially registered vehicles allowed in Mdina it has earned the nickname, The Silent City.

4. Mdina


On the island of Comino you'll find a true natural beauty spot known as Blue Lagoon Bay. Get there as early as possible to witness this wonderfully tranquil place with it's crystal clear shallow waters, because unfortunately the hoards of tourists will eventually come and spoil it.

3. The Blue Lagoon


On the island of Gozo, having appeared in Clash Of The Titans and Game Of Thrones, Malta's most iconic landmark is the natural limestone arch known as the Azure Window. The sad news is this iconic arch is disintegrating fast, with large pieces falling into the sea. At it's current rate of erosion it has been estimated that it could be gone within a matter of years.

2. The Azure Window


On the eastern side of the main island of Malta is the countries capital, the historical city of Valletta. A city full of Baroque architecture, it's tightly knit city streets are awash with bastions, palaces, churches and well maintained garden parks. The skyline of the city is dominated by the huge dome of the Basilica Of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel, which along with the entire historical centre of Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

1. Valletta

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