The 10 best places to visit in Honduras


Built in 1536 AD on the Caribbean coast to the north of San Pedro Sula, one of the worlds most dangerous cities, is the Castle of Omoa, sometimes known as the Fortress of San Fernando. Built by the Spanish in a European medieval style, the well preserved national historic monument of San Fernando of Omoa is the largest fort of its kind in Central America.

10. Castillo De Omoa


Built in 1997 in the north of the capital, Tegucigalpa, is the 30 metre (98 ft) tall Christ At El Picacho Statue. Standing on the El Picacho Hill, the statue has an elevation of 1,326 metres (4,353 ft) above sea level and can be seen from miles away. Equally, from the platforms around the statue there are incredible views over the Honduran capital.

9. El Picacho Christ


Overlooking the city of San Pedro Sula is a large Hollywood style Coca Cola sign, which we can assume is just good advertising. The sign itself is unimpressive but acts as a marker for one of the most incredible views over San Pedro Sula and the valley beyond.

8. Coca Cola Sign


Within the Bay Islands chain on the southern shore of the island of Roatan is the privately owned French Cays, two smaller islands in shallow clear waters considered the prettiest in the country.

7. French Cays


In the west of the country close to the border with Guatemala is the ancient archaeological site of Copan, which holds within it the Temple Of Rosalila. Built in 571 AD the temple was later buried for the construction of another pyramid directly covering it, allowing it to have remained preserved and protected for hundreds of years.

Pictured is the full scale replica in the Museum of Copan.

6. Templo De Rosalila


South from the dangerous city of San Pedro Sula is the 43 metre (141 ft) Pulhapanzak Waterfall, one of the largest in Honduras and considered to be one of the most beautiful in all of Central America.

5. Cataratas De Pulhapanzak


South of San Pedro Sula and close to the beautiful Pulhapanzak Waterfall is the 121 square kilometre (47 square mile) Santa Barbara Mountains National Park, a protected area of forested mountain landscape dotted with traditional villages. A favourite among hikers with a number of trials, the peaks in the area allow visitors some amazing views over this natural beauty spot.

4. Parque Nacional Montana Santa Barbara


In the south west of the country close to the borders of both Guatemala and El Salvador is the 266 square kilometre (103 square mile) protected area of Celaque National Park, home to Cerro Las Minas, standing at 2,870 metres (9,416 ft) above sea level it is the tallest peak in Honduras. Classified as a cloud forest, the park is an area of high sloped mountains and thick jungle with a high level of biodiversity. Visitors can hike the trails among its steep terrain for some of the most incredible views in this part of the world.

3. Parque Nacional Celaque


In the west of the country close to the border with Guatemala is the ancient archaeological site of Copan, the capital city of the Maya region from the 5th to 9th century AD, and today one of the most important ancient sites in Central America. Known for its sculpted stone shafts, Copan is a large complex of overlapping step pyramids, plazas and palaces. Such is the historical value of Copan, the entire complex has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. Copan


In the northern centre of the country, close to the city of La Ceiba is the 564 square kilometres (217 square miles) Pico Bonito National Park, encompassing the Cordillera Nombre De Dios mountain range in the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor.  The landscape of high rugged mountains and thick rainforest greenery is regarded by many to be the most beautiful natural terrain in Honduras.

1. Parque Nacional Pico Bonito

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