Located 1,754 metres (5,754 ft) above sea level is the largest natural lake of the Cadore region, Lake Misurina. Surrounded by mountains and hills, the hotels, campsites and restaurants around the lake make for a great overnight stop for visitors looking to hike the incredible Tre Cime Di Lavaredo, translated as the 'Three Peaks Of Lavaredo'.

15. Lago Di Misurina


Located at the edge of the 3,004 metres (9,856 ft) high Kasselkogel mountain, the highest summit of the Catinaccio range, is the Passo Principe Refuge, accessible via the trail of the same name. Taking hikers across the Catinaccio-Rosengarten and past the lake of Antermoia, this moderately difficult trail is 7.7 kilometres (4.8 miles) long and constitutes one of the best known hikes in the region. Once above the green plateaus, visitors enter a world of rocky, dust and barren mountains.

14. Rifugio Passo Principe Trail


South west along the weaving winding alpine road from Cortina d'Ampezzo is the Giau Pass, situated 2,236 metre (7,336 ft) above sea level it is arguably one of the most picturesque passes in the region. Located at the centre of the vast mountain pasture at the foot of the 2,574 metre (8,445 ft) Nuvolau, the great open valleys and mountain appear endless.

13. Passo Di Giau


South west of the well trodden town, Cortina d'Ampezzo is a trail known as the Croda Da Lago, an easy 5 hour 12.5 kilometre (7.7 mile) return hike that takes visitors in a loop past the 2,603 metre (8,540 ft) Becco Di Mezzodi, and the beautiful Lake Federa. Its proximity to Cortina d'Ampezzo has made it one of the most popular and easily accessible hikes in the Dolomites. 

Pictured is Lake Federa.

12. Croda Da Lago Trail


South of the small town of Arabba, within the beautiful Ombretta Valey is the Marmaloda, with an elevation of 3,343 metres (10,968 ft) above sea level it is the tallest peak in the Dolomites and the 9th highest peak in the Alps mountain range. One of the best way to view this mammoth mountain is by hiking one of the trails that lead off from the Lago Di Fedaia.

Pictured is Marmaloda, Lago Di Fedaia and the Ombretta Valley.

11. Marmaloda


East of the well known town of Cortina d'Ampezzo is one of the regions most well known landmarks, the Lago Di Sorapiss, or Sorapiss Lake, a hazy milky pool of water located at the foot of the 3,205 metre (10,515 ft) towering Mount Sorapiss. From the trail head the heavily trafficked hike to the lake is a moderately difficult 12 kilometre (7.5 mile) round trip that can take anything between 3 to 6 hours depending on the volume of people. It is one of the most popular hikes in the region for a very good reason.

10. Lago Di Sorapiss


Along the SR48​, better known as the Great Dolomite Road is the high Passo Pordoi Mountain Pass, situated at an elevation of 2,239 metres (7,346 ft) above sea level. From here visitors can take a cable car to the upper part of the Val Di Fass slopes, 2,950 metres (9,678 ft) above sea level to the Sass Pordoi, allowing incredible views across the Marmolada, the Sassolungo, the Sella and the Catanaccio ranges.

9. Sass Pordoi


North east from the city of Bolzano, situated at an altitude between 1,680 metres (5,512 ft) and 2,350 metres (7,710 ft) above sea level is the Seiser Alm, or Alpe Di Siusi, the largest high altitude alpine meadow in Europe. One of the most famous symbols of the Dolomites, this vast plateau gives hikers the chance to admire a large number of mountain groups that include the famous Marmolada, the Sella and the Rosengarten.

8. Seiser Alm


Often depicted as the defining village of the Dolomites is the small village of Santa Maddalena​, truly one of the most beautifully located villages in the world. Its picturesque medieval church, back-dropped by the iconic peaks of the Odle Mountains is one of the most spectacular sights in the region.

7. Santa Maddalena


Heading off from the Falzarego Mountain Pass is one of the Dolomites finest hiking trails, the Lagazuoi. From the gondola drop off point this easy trail is approximately a 4 kilometre (2.5 mile) loop reaching a peak elevation of 2,778 metres (9,114 ft) above sea level. Highly recommend for all ages and fitness levels, the views along the trail are considered some of the finest in the Dolomite region.

Pictured is the Refuge Lagazuoi.

6. Lagazuoi Trail


From the town of Selva Di Val Gardena, the Dantercepies chairlift will take visitors high into the mountains for one of the best treks in the region, the Puez Odle, sometimes called the Passo Gardena Hike. Approximately 14.5 kilometres (9 miles) in total length, this incredible route takes you high above the Passo Gardena, offering some of the best views in the region. For visitors who don't have the legs for the entire route, the first few kilometres are enough to give amazing views back across the valley to the Langkofel, the highest and most recognisable mountain in the Langkofel group.

5. Puez Odle Trail


South east from the city of Bolzano is one of the most spectacularly beautiful lakes in the Dolomites, the Lago Di Carezza, also known as the Karersee. Though fenced off, surrounded by viewing platforms and incredibly touristy, the glistening clear pool of alpine water surrounded by alpine trees beneath the craggy peaks is one of the regions most breath taking sights.

4. Lago Di Carezza


At the northern end of the Dolomites Mountain Range is the picturesque Lake Braies, sometimes referred to as Lake Prags due to its location within the Prags Valley. Sitting at an elevation of 1,496 metres (4,908 ft) above sea level, this clear body of water surrounded by alpine forest and steep jagged mountains is definitely a contender to be the countries most beautiful lakes.

3. Lago Di Braies

Accessible from the town of Ortisei St. Ulrich is another of the best hikes in the Dolomites, the Seceda-Ortisei Trail, taking visitors into the spectacular scenery of the Odle Mountains. Riding the Furnes-Seceda cable car up to 2,518 metres (8,261 ft) above sea level, visitors are immediately met with one of the most astonishing sights in the region, the incredible jagged dagger like Fermeda peaks, towering at the cliff edge. For those who want to venture beyond this superb initial sight, the trail heads a further 8.4 kilometres (5.2 miles) into this wondrous landscape.

2. Seceda-Ortisei Trail


Within the Sexten Dolomites,​ close to the border with Austria is one of the regions most exceptional natural landmarks, the Three Peaks Of Lavaredo, one of the best known mountain groups in the Alps. With a maximum height of 2,999 metres (9,839 ft) above sea level, the tallest of the three is the Cima Grande, or Big Peak. From the trail head, visitors can hike the 8.8 kilometre (5.5 mile) loop through the exceptional terrain, past the three peaks and beyond. The trail is regarded one of, if not the best in the region.


Pictured are the Three Peaks, the Dreizinnenhutte & the Chiesa Alpina.

1. Tre Cime Di Laverado

The 15 must visit places in the Italian Dolomites

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