The 10 must see castles in Scotland


Dating from the 13th century in the village of Fyvie, slightly north west of Aberdeen is the medieval Fyvie Castle. Having been added to and upgraded in the centuries to follow, the castles history is a rich one, being the site of an open air court held by Robert The Bruce, King Of The Scots, the most famous warrior of his generation and a Scottish national hero. Its this claim to fame that makes Fyvie Castle one of the finest fortifications in the country.

10. Fyvie Castle


Constructed at the end of the 18th century, to the south west of the city of Glasgow, overlooking the Firth Of Clyde on the Ayrshire Coast is the cliff top Culzean Castle, once the home of the Marquess Of Ailsa and frequented by the 34th President Of The United States, President Eisenhower. Today owned by the National Trust, within the grounds of the Culzean Castle County Park, this beautiful castle is open to the general public.

9. Culzean Castle


Constructed in 1836 AD in the Scottish Highlands, built on the site of an 11th century medieval defensive structure is the cliff top Inverness Castle. Overlooking the River Ness, this relatively modern red sandstone castle has only recently been opened to the public. At the time of writing visitors are able to visit the castle grounds and access the north tower viewpoint.

8. Inverness Castle


Originally built in the 12th century, re-designed and completed as recently as 1845 in the north east of the country, is the French Renaissance style Dunrobin Castle. This beautiful building within the Scottish Highlands famed for its well maintained sculpted gardens has become a favourite among visitors travelling the North Coast 500, Scotland's equivalent of Route 66.

7. Dunrobin Castle


North of Dundee in the east of the country is the Grade A listed building of Glamis Castle, the huge stately home of the Earl and Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne. The current building dates largely from the 17th century and boasts such former residents as Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. Surrounding this wonderful castle are a set of gardens that have been included on the inventory of gardens and designed landscapes of Scotland.

6. Glamis Castle


Built in 1856 to the west of Aberdeen in Cairngorms National Park is the Scottish Baronial styled Balmoral Castle. This historic category A listed building is privately owned by the Royal Family of Great Britain and is famed for being a favourite of Queen Elizabeth.

5. Balmoral Castle


Between Glasgow and Edinburgh in the town of Stirling is the enormous Stirling Castle, one of the largest and most historically and architecturally important castles in Scotland. Though a castle has stood on the site since the 12th century, most of the buildings within the walls were constructed later in the 15th and 16th centuries, designed in a Renaissance style influenced by English, German and French castles of the period.

4. Stirling Castle


On the north eastern coast just south of Aberdeen are the ruins of Dunnotar Castle, once a great medieval fortress. Built on a rocky headland hanging out into the north sea, what remains of the 15th and 16th century buildings today make for some of the most visually striking ruins in the country.

3. Dunnotar Castle


Dating from the 12th century, dominating the skyline from Castle Rock in the countries capital, Edinburgh, is the historic fortress of Edinburgh Castle. As one of the most important strongholds within Scotland, the castle is believed to have been involved in 26 sieges over its thousand year history, giving it the title of most besieged place in Great Britain and one of the most attacked locations in the world. As an important part of Scotland's national heritage, the castle has undergone serious restoration over the past century and a half. Today as the most visited paid tourist attraction in the country, it is regarded to be the symbol of Edinburgh and of Scotland. Because of it's high position it offers the best view over the city.

2. Edinburgh Castle

On a small tidal island where three Lochs meet in the northwest Highlands of Scotland is one of the finest castles in one of the most picturesque locations. Originally built in the thirteenth century as medieval fortress for the Clan Mackenzie and their allies, the castle was later destroyed in 1718 AD. What stands there today was reconstructed after 1912, and despite its modern update it remains one of the most beautiful castles in the United Kingdom.

1. Eilean Donan Castle

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