The 7 best places to visit in Burkina Faso


In the far south west of the country, close to where the borders of Mali, the Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso meet is an unusual geological beauty spot known as Pics De Sindou, or Peaks Of Sindou. Part of the great escarpment, the terrain is marked by huge limestone rock formations creating a most unusual landscape.

7. Peaks Of Sindou


In the far south west of the country, just east from the Peaks Of Sindou is another geological beauty spot known as the Domes Of Fabedougou, a set of bulbous rock formations similar to Australia's Bungle Bungles. Desolate and relatively unknown, they make a perfect location for hikers and climbers.

6. Domes Of Fabedougou


In the far southern centre of the country, just north of the border with Ghana is the Cour Royale de Tiébélé, a complex that served as the official residence of the community chief. Surrounded by baked mud walls on the West African savannah, the complex consists of earthen buildings covered in beautifully intricate and colourful designs, reflecting the culture and traditions of the Kassena who have occupied it since the 15th century.

5. Cour Royale De Tiébélé


In the north of the country, situated in the desert is the village of Bani, known for its 7 hilltop mosques it is regarded the countries most important Muslim religious site. Simple in structure the mosques are made using wood, clay and mud bricks. The most unusual distinction from other mosques around the world is that the Bani mosques face away from Mecca. 

Pictured is the Grand Mosque.

4. Bani


In the south east of the country,​ covering some 760 square kilometres (293 square miles) is Arli National Park, adjoined across the border with Benin's Pendjari National Park. In a landscape of gallery forests, savanna, woodland, sandstone hills and verdant green valleys, the park is home to a variety of wildlife that includes African elephant, hippopotamus, lion, buffalo and baboons among many many more. Protecting a diverse landscape that is home to a large number of animal species, Arli National Park has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3. Arli National Park


First constructed in 1880 AD in the west of the country, within Burkina Faso's second largest city, Bobo-Dioulasso​, is the Bobo-Dioulasso Grand Mosque. Regularly maintained and restored, the mosque has remained in excellent condition for nearly 140 years. The stand out monument of the countries second largest city, the mosque is generally regarded to be the most iconic symbol of Burkina Faso as a whole.

2. Bobo-Dioulasso Grand Mosque


In the extreme south east of the country where the Niger River meanders in a giant 'W' shape is the aptly named W National Park, crossing the borders and connecting with protected areas in Niger and Benin it is part of the 10,000 square kilometre (3,861 square mile) W Transborder Park. The enormous protected area is home to some of the most impressive species of wildlife in West Africa, including aardvark, baboon, African buffalo, African bush elephant, hippopotamus, West African lion, African leopard and one of the last strongholds for the Northwest African cheetah. W National Park has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

1. W National Park

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