The 13 best places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Completed in 1972, the Monument to the Revolution is a World War II memorial to civilians killed or deported to the concentration camps in 1942. Built on one of the highest peaks of the Kozara Mountain range in the Kozara National Park, the sculpture stands at 33 metres (108 ft) tall. 

13. Monument To The Revolution


Near the town of Blagaj, the Buna Spring and Dervish Monastery are part of the historical and natural heritage of Bosnia & Herzegovina. The karstic spring emerges from a huge karstic cavern beneath a high vertical cliff, one of the largest and cleanest springs in Europe.

Built up against the cliffs at the mouth of the spring is the Blagaj Tekke (Dervish Monastery) which has stood there since the year 1520 AD, shortly after the start of Ottoman Rule.

12. Buna Spring & Dervish Monastery


Built in the 16th century in the far north west, Ostrozac Castle is possibly the finest castle in the country.

11. Ostrožac Castle


Dating back to 1333 AD, The Srebrenik Fortress is Bosnia's best preserved medieval castle, though it lies mostly in ruin.

10. Srebrenik Fortress


In the extreme north east of the country, close to the border with Serbia, the Stanisic family have built their own village. Having collected twenty or so original wooden buildings from around the country, the complex opened in 2003. They have since added two ponds, two mills, restaurants, a monastery and a few hotels. Entry is free to those who just wish to spend the day.

9. The Stanisic Ethno Village


In the centre of the country near the town Jajce is the Pliva Waterfall. In it's pretty surroundings, the water drops 22 metres (72 ft).

8. Pliva Waterfall


In Bosnia's capital, the old town is the oldest and most historically significant part of the city. Pictured is Baščaršija Square with the prominent Sebilj Fountain on the right. Standing out among the low level buildings are a few mosques, cathedrals, the clock tower, and the Gazi Husrev-Bey’s Bezistan market that has been there since 1540 AD. Because of the location, the old town has an excellent view over the rest of Sarajevo.

7. Sarajevo Old Town


A short distance north from Sarajevo is Bijambare, famous for it's cave systems, the most popular of which is called Bijambare Cave. It's around 420 metres (1,378 ft) in length filled with ornate stalactites and stalagmites.

6. Bijambare Cave


In southern Bosnia in the town of Mostar, the Stari Most or 'Old Bridge' is one of the countries most recognisable landmarks. Built in 1566 AD the arched bridge stands 20 metres (65 ft) above the river below. Considered to be one of the most exemplary pieces of Islamic architecture in the Balkans, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Stari Most


North of Mostar is the protected area of Blidinje Nature Park. The whole park has an elevation of at least 1,500 metres (4,921 ft) above sea level. Within one of the great valleys in amazing surroundings you'll find the Blidinje glacial lake, the largest mountain lake in the country.

4. Blidinje Lake


In the north west of the country on the border with Croatia is the countries most recently declared national park. The main purpose of making it a national park was to protect the unspoiled Una and Unac rivers which run through it, occasionally creating wonderful waterfalls.

3. Una National Park


In the south of the country on the border with Croatia is the Kravice Falls. In absolutely beautiful surroundings water pours out from the forest from many different locations into the clear lake below. It really is an idyllic scene.

2. Kravice Falls


The countries oldest national park is also the largest and it's finest. You'll find Maglic Mountain, at 2,386 metres (7,828 ft) it is the highest peak in Bosnia, looming over the strict nature reserve of Perućica, one of the last two remaining primeval forests in Europe. An area of extreme and rugged natural beauty, home to many wild animals, waterfalls, mountain peaks and glacial lakes it is a truly stunning landscape.

1. Sutjeska National Park

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