The 5 best places to visit in Bago


First built in 1556 AD under the orders of King Bayinnaung of the Taungoo Dynasty, the Kanbawzathadi Palace was the most opulent palace within a vast empire that included much of present day Myanmar, Thailand and parts of China. Looted and burnt down in 1599 AD, what stands there today was rebuilt in the late 20th century. Giving a good impression of the splendor and wealth of the second Burmese Empire, the replica was built following the original design from the original drawings.

5. Kanbawzathadi Palace

Built at the behest of King Migadippa in the 7th century, renovated under the rule of King Dhammazedi in the 15th century, the Kyaikpun Four Seated Buddha is the most notable feature of the Kyaik Pun Pagoda. The statue depicts the four Buddhas of Kaksandha, Konagamana, Kassapa and Gautama, seated back to back in different positions, the entire structure stands 27 metres (90 ft) high.

4. Kyaikpun Four Seated Buddha


First constructed in the 10th century, destroyed several times due to earthquakes, including as recently as 1917, is the Shwemawdaw Pagoda, sometimes referred to as the Golden God Temple. At 114 metres (374 ft) high it holds the record for the tallest pagoda in Myanmar.

3. Shwemawdaw Pagoda


Built recently in 2001, measuring a whopping 82 metres (269 ft) in length, the Naungdawgyi Myathalyaung Reclining Buddha is one of the largest statues in Myanmar, and certainly one of the most striking and picturesque representations of Buddha in South East Asia.

2. Mya Tha Lyaung Reclining Buddha

Built around 994 AD during the reign of King Migadepa, the Shwethalyaung Reclining Buddha is the oldest of the many representations of Buddha in the city of Bago. Despite its enormous size, the statue was lost in 1757 AD when the town was pillaged. Rediscovered in 1880 AD within an area of overgrown jungle, the statue underwent restoration, with the mosaic pillows supporting the head added in the 1930's. With a height of 16 metres (52 ft) and a length of 55 metres (180 ft), this 1,000 year old statue is one of the most revered Buddha statues in Myanmar.

1. Shwethalyaung Buddha

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