The 7 best roadside attractions in Alberta


Installed in 2008 in the town of Canmore, just south of Banff National Park is the Big Head Sculpture, the top half of a human head made of blue granite. Named after the Scottish Ceannmore, meaning Big Head, its easy to see where the artist got her inspiration.

7. Big Head Sculpture


North east of the city of Edmonton in the small village of Andrew is the world's largest mallard duck, the villages biggest claim to fame. It weighs around one ton and has a wingspan of 7 metres (23 ft).

6. World's Largest Mallard


Built in the year 2000 in the town of Donalda, south east of the city of Edmonton is the world's largest oil lamp. Lit up at night like a real oil lamp, the structure stands 12.8 metres (42 ft) high.

5. World's Largest Oil Lamp


To the south east of Calgary is the small town of Vulcan, named in 1912 after the Roman god of fire, but more associated with the home world of Mr. Spock from Star Trek. Capitalizing on this, the town quickly set about making itself one of the centre for Trekkies everywhere. There is a bust of Mr Spock in town as well as Star Trek themed tourist station, though the star of the show is surely the large model of the USS Enterprise.

4. USS Enterprise


Around the mid to north west of Alberta Province, close to the border with British Columbia is the small town of Beaverlodge, home to the largest beaver in the world. Built in 2004 to celebrate the towns 75th anniversary, the statue stands 4.5 metres (15 ft) tall.

3. World's Largest Beaver


Built in 1975, directly east of the city of Edmonton in the small town of Vegreville is the Vegreville Pysanka, a giant sculpture of a Ukrainian style Easter Egg. Constructed as a nod to the towns high Ukrainian-Canadian population, the giant egg is 9 metres (31 ft) long standing nearly 4 storeys high. Since the construction of an even bigger pysanka in the Ukrainian town of Kolomyia, the Vegreville Egg is today the second biggest in the world.

2. Vegreville Pysanka


Constructed in the early 2000's, to the north east of Calgary in the Badlands town of Drumheller is a huge model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, known as the World's Largest Dinosaur. It measures 26 metres (86 ft) high and 46 metres (151 ft) long making it over four times the size of a real T-Rex. Visitors can take the stairs through the body to the viewing platform in the mouth.

1. World's Largest Dinosaur

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