The Asians call me "The Cowboy". The Central Americans call me, "Mr. Whiskers." My name's Ross. I'm a 33 year old Black Taxi Driver from Wimbledon, London, England.

That's me in the picture above, hovering over a broken chair on Lake Tuz in Turkey.

I've been driving the streets of London since 2011, and when I'm not doing that I like to hit the road somewhere more exotic.

I've an eye for a bargain, I'm allergic to cut grass and I have a fear of spiders. Not so much when they're in places they're supposed to be, but certainly when they're not.

My star sign is Scorpio. Born in the Chinese year of the rat. I've got happy apple cheeks and a good head for hats.

So let's get out there and barter hard, let's travel cheaply, and let's go see what there is to see...

Why Blog?

I wanna be famous! No, not really. I WANT TO RULE THE WORLD!! That's not true either. Unless I can work the night shift.

I love travelling. I love the planning part, the dreaming part, the looking forward and being in it part. If I have a 'thing', then I'd have to say it's my thing. Maybe I'll enjoy the writing about it part too...

When I'm going somewhere new I'll look up what there is to see. Invariably I'll stumble across someone's blog and be struck by their over-excitement at everything. Reading about how someone ate an apple that blew their mind! Did it blow your mind, really? Or was it just an apple? What about the 12 hour bus ride that should have only been 3? How come most bus drivers in the world seem unable to actually drive a bus? Or drive at all for that matter! And how come my non-stop bus stopped an hour from my destination, where I have to get another one at twice the price of the first one? I'm not a fan of buses abroad. And you know you paid too much for that apple don't you?

Things are not wonderful and inspiring all the time, and they don't need to be. I like reading about the incredible moments, but I'd equally like to read about the normal, the tough and even the mundane moments too.

Where I've Been

People like to collect all sorts of things. I like to collect countries. At the age of 23 I realised I'd been to as many countries as my age, and I hoped that pattern could continue. As I turned 30 my country total had hit thirty-four, and at 31 I found myself on fifty-eight. Yes, 30 was a good year for me. With that came a new target - to have visited one hundred countries by the age of 40. I've got till 2024...

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